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Import License for Beech-de-merDepartment of Fisheries and aquatic resources issues Import permit for Beech-de-mer valid for 6 months
Cargo Clearing ProcessCusdec can be processed either at Customs Long Room (Katunayake), or Importers office to whom the DTI facility has been given.
Procedure for obtaining the approval to import licence for Outboard / Inboard Boat enginesDetails with the recommendation of the relevant authorities should be submitted to the Ministry of Defence to obtain approval to import Outboard/Inboard Motors.
Manually Obtaining the Certificate Of OriginCertificate of Origin is issued by Ceylon Chamber of commerce manually.
Importer License to be obtain from Precursor Control Authority of National Dangerous Drugs Control Board Obtaining, Renewing and amending an Importer License from Precursor Control Authority of National Dangerous Drugs Control Board
Procedure for Obtaining a No Objection letter for the Importation of LubricantThe Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development issues a letter of No Objection in the Importation of Lubricant in to Sri Lanka.
Procedure for obtaining the Letter of Recommendation for the importation of bitumen.Companies involved in the manufacturing of bitumen related Products and Road Construction Company's may make an application to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development requesting for Letter of recommendation to Import Bitumen.
Maximum Retail Price In this regard few consumer goods have been identified to price mark with Maximum Retail Price (MRP) at the time of importation and are being administered along with Department of Customs and monitored by Competition Promotion Division of CAA.
Tea Importer Registration or Renewal Procedure to Tea Importer Registration or Renewal
Ex-bond ( Delivery of goods ) Bonded warehousing and Entrepot trade at SLPA
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