The Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal is a one-stop point for information relating to import into and export from Sri Lanka. Implemented by the Department of Commerce, the portal provides an accessible, logical, helpful gateway for traders to access important regulatory and procedural information needed to export, import and transit. The portal is an important step for the government toward improving the predictability and transparency of the country's trading laws and processes. The initiative is also in line with the government's commitment to the requirements of the World Trade Organization to comply with Article 1 of the Trade Facilitation Agreement.



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Information on trade, including laws and regulations, measures, standards, procedures, process maps, guidance notes, fees, forms, licenses and permit and customs tariff (organized by HS Code) as well as duty, fees, taxes, levies and applicable penalties in case of breach.



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Information on  measures comprising of licensing and permit requirements, technical conformity standards, certification requirements and generally any form of authorization, inspection, verification, or other forms of control concerning export, import and transit.



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Information on procedures required when applying for licenses, permits, border clearance or other regulatory obligations relating to export, import or transit of goods and means of transport and Forms (application forms, licenses, permits, etc.) relating to procedures.



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Information relating to international, regional and bilateral trade agreements to which Sri Lanka is a party, including the applicable rules, regulations and requirements and the opportunities for Sri Lanka on a product by product basis.





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Why Trade Portal?

Trade is critical to Sri Lanka’s future. As a driving force for the country’s economic growth, it requires an enabling environment for faster, fairer, more predictable, and transparent processing and clearance of imports and exports—all at the lowest cost to the traders. This is why we launched Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal as part of our larger trade facilitation program. This portal is a comprehensive, authoritative source of regulatory information related to all cross-border transactions on a single, easily searchable platform. In parallel, we also developed an actionable plan to launch the National Single Window in the near future. Sri Lanka Trade Information Portal is essentially the starting point for the implementation of automated processing via the Single Window, which will allow all parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardized information and documents at a single-entry point to fulfill all regulatory requirements.



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